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General Contractor - Rutherford Bergen County NJ
General Contractor - Rutherford Bergen County NJ
Bathroom Contractor - Rutherford Bergen County NJ
Kitchen Contractor - Rutherford Bergen County NJ


J Severino Construction has been hard at work on an exciting project in Nutley, New Jersey. Taking care not to damage the reusable items the interior was demolished to make way for this magnificent renovation.

A addition to house a new kitchen and a complete renovation including a new master bedroom and bath, two additional bedrooms, family room, baths, bedrooms, basement with all new windows and siding. 

Jim Severino and crew carefully demolishes the designated areas and rebuilds the infrastructure.  Next reconstructs the spaces as designed; then adding the superb finish work that Jim is famous for.

The attention to detail makes the final spaces come to life.

Emergency Storm Repairs

JSeverino Construction can assist you with emergency storm damage
Contact Us or call today 201-896-1880

We handle emergency repairs needed due to: tree damage, wind damage, water damage etc.

We will get repair estimates for insurance claims to you ASAP! 

Old worn window -needs to be replaced

J Severino Construction can replace those old windows.  We will sit down and discuss your options and find the window solution that is right for your needs.

Often you need to evaluate factors such as:

- Insulation
- Shading
- Ventilation
- Solar heat gain
- Maximum light levels
- Pleasing looks

 See Window Style Guide

We offer a variety of window choices including bay, bow, casement, double-hung, single-hung, and many more. New windows not only help keep heat inside during the cold months they also bring in light, create spaciousness and provide ventilation.

 Window Style Guide

Why do I need new windows?

Your windows or doors let in too much cool air in winter and warm air in summer.
Old windows or patio doors are often leaky, which can result in high energy bills during peak heating and cooling months. The glass may be loose or the seal between the sash and frame may have weakened. Replacing windows is costly, but we recommend replacing old single-pane windows with modern windows that feature dual-pane Low-E glass for a substantial energy savings. 

Your windows look wrong, out of place or old to you.

Does the exterior color of the windows match the rest of the home? Are the windows are obscured on the home exterior by unattractive storm window frames?  Does the window style not match the home? Older homes usually feature double-hung windows.

If you don’t like the look of thick vinyl frames, replace them with natural wood that can be painted or stained to match your interior.
Your windows won’t open at all.
In some cases, a window may fail to operate simply because of broken hardware. Replace the hardware and the problem is solved, right? Some situations aren’t so easy. Your window, for example, may be painted shut -- Trouble can also stem from a warped frame and sash.  In this case, the entire window or patio door must be removed and the opening reframed and squareda brand new window or door installed.

Your double-hung window won’t stay open.
If it’s an older window, there’s most likely a problem with the connection to the sash weights. Older double-hung window sash are counterbalanced with heavy weights connected to the sash on a rope. As the windows age, the rope dries out and becomes brittle, eventually breaking. 
Your windows are difficult to clean.
Some homes must weather tough environmental conditions by virtue of their locations -- such as areas of heavy industry, or along the coast and need frequent cleaning.  Many newer double-hung windows now feature tilt-in sash designs. This means the exterior glass can be cleaned from the inside -- just tilt the sash inward. If grilles cause cleaning headaches for you, consider ordering windows with grilles built-in between the glass or that pop out.   

Your windows are falling apart or rotting.
If a window or patio door is failing or on the verge of failure -- it’s time to replace it. Choose a style that matches the other windows in your home. Keep in mind that while you're investing in a new window, why not inprove your home’s look, and improve your overall energy efficiency?                 

   window styles  

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