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General Contractor - Rutherford Bergen County NJ
General Contractor - Rutherford Bergen County NJ
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Severino Construction has completed a custom cedar, screened-in sun porch with an attached deck. Using the finest craftmanship with post and beam construction to achieve the optimum results.

Please take a moment to explore this "In the Spotlight" a closer look at our projects in our gallery. 

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We can custom build any porch railing design for you from scratch, from a drawing that you make, or from an idea that you have, or from a picture or another house that you have seen. Please check out our latest custom made porch at 130 Mountain Way, Rutherford, N.J. - you can find photos of this porch on our website under that address listing. It actually looks like a "Gingerbread House" or a Doll House or possibly an old Vintage 1940's inspired house from Disneyworld!

We cut out each piece of railing to fit the drawing's shape that the Homeowner gave us and we drilled holes at the top to give it a more "3 Dimensional Look" with a tiny bit of extra space in between each board.

And the BEST part about this whole project is that the COST did not EXCEED (by very much) if the Homeowner had just bought standard straight vertical railings that you see on most other homes!

Here is an example of a custom made porch railing.